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Our Remodeling Process

Design, Installation & Process.

Step 1. Your Ideas & Needs

To start off, you will want to put together an assortment of photos that include ideas and items that express the type of style you are looking for. We have tons of examples and ideas right here on our site to help with the process. Our Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling photo galleries have a wide variety of past clients and newly remodeled homes. Don't just stop on our site for remodeling ideas, & has an endless amount of ideas and designs for your home, bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects. Make sure and right click on the picture and click on "save as" and save all the pictures you like in one folder so you can share the ideas with your designer. Last but not least, make a check list of your top 3 priorities and include the kind of functionality you would like to include in your new space.

Step 2. Free Consulation/ Estimate

You are welcome to give us a call or fill out our contact form below to schedule a cosulation/estimate for your project. During this consulation we will take a look at all important information in regards to your project and help you figure out your priorities if you havn't already. We will also give you realistic estimates in regards to budget, timeline and other expectation you or we may have. It is necessary to establish an investment bracket before beginning a design or selecting materials so that your design expert can produce results that are both affordable and amazing.

Step 3. Determine Your Budget

After spending some time together, our designer experts will have a good feel for your remodeling project and what it entails to bring it to real life.  Also, you will have a great understanding of the value and abilities of KendallWood Design Inc.   If you feel confident that KendallWoods is a good fit for the remodel project you are thinking about, the next step would be to schedule another in-home appointment. This step requires a retainer that is based on the scope of work being completed. The retainer is applied towards the project cost at the end of the project.

Step 4. Design Your Project

In order to produce a professional proposal, we will need to take a visit to your home. During this visit we will ask questions based on the priorites we have established previously. Will will take pictures, draw and find out the dementions of all the areas in the project. This will allow us to think about any plumbing, electrical or frame work that might need to be done.

Step 5. Scope Of Work & Presentation

After getting your budget, design and other information out of the way, we will then set a date for you to see the design we came up with. Through speaking with you, we will be able to define or refine the ideas we have and come up with a more specific scope of work and completed design. We will then discuss the proposed budget and set an additional meeting date to make sure we have everything right before constructing your project.

Step 6. Document Signing & Deposit

After the design, product selection and scope of work have been finalized...our working document will be signed by both parties and a deposit will be collected to commence the project.

After the final design has been completed and approved by you, we will then sign the working document togheter and the deposit will be collect to start the project.

Step 7. Meeting Before Construction

About a few weeks after signing the contract, our head designer will meet you for a pre-construction session. At that time, all the specific details we be discussed and any final changes will be made to the project.

Step 8. We Begin Your Remodel

This is the working part of the remodel project. The time length of this part can vary from a few days to a couple months depending on the scope of your project. During this phase you will become well aquainted with our in-house expert. You will also meet with your project manager and design expert at frequent times to ensure all details are coming together as planned.

This is the working phase of the project. The length of this phase can vary from a few days to a few months depending on the size and scope of your project. Throughout this phase, you will become very well acquainted with our personable in-house craftsman. You will also see your project manager and designer stop by at frequent intervals to assure all the details are carried out as planned.

Step 9. Completing The Project

During this phase of the project all the details and remaining items come together to complete the finished look. At this time, increased job site visits and effective communication help bring the project to a close in a timely manner.

Step 10. Finalizing & Overview

The final step in our process is for your designer and project manager to perform a final job site review to see that everything has turned out as planned and that you are completely satisfied with the outcome. With your permission, we will take photos of your completed project to help inspire other homeowners that are just embarking down the remodeling road illustrating that the process is simple and enjoyable.

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