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Find The Perfect Remodeling Style For You

Not sure what type of style to choose. Take a look at the descriptions below to help you get a feel for the perfect style for you.

Arts and Crafts Style

Arts and Crafts Style Decor's parameters are well defined for specific reasons. Their movement started around the turn of the 20th century as a comeback against the overdone style of the Victorian era. It dismissed the factory-like furnishings and decor that was typical at the time, instead clutching on to organic beauty and traditional handiwork. Gustav Stickley (the Artisan who started the term Craftsman, is occasionally used for this style) and William Morris were critical in beginning the Arts and Crafts Style. Their new style replicates much of Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural work.

View Arts and Crafts Style Ideas & Pictures.

Decor elements to look for:

  • Prominent wood grain
  • Shapes that are blocky
  • Shapes that are rectangular
  • Joints Exposed
  • Strong, clean lines
  • Accent detailing at a minimum

Classic Contemporary Style

Classic contemporary style is exactly what you think it means - it couples traditional style design with modern furniture that has a contemporary twist. Classic contemporary has a mixture of smooth and soft textures, with no abrasiveness whatsoever. Usually contains soft, curved lined furniture (wood furniture has natural smooth lines that fit this style perfectly) and plenty of welcoming rugs, blankets and pillows. Classic contemporary is much like a luxury hotel in that it used subtle or muted colors - such as cream, gray, white and brown. These colors usually make the best classic contemporary design while leaving room for accented pieces with color to make a great impact.

View Classic Contemporary Style Ideas & Pictures.

Decor elements to Look for:

  • Furniture with round lines
  • Curved, soft lines
  • Gentle inviting textures

Contemporary Style

Contemporary style is short is an about face to the traditional styles of decor. Simple goes along way instead of traditional ornamentation, subtly or solid fabrics instead it uses color prints and minimal accessories. It's not quite as warm as some of the older style designs but it wont leave you chilled either. You might here people throwing around the terms "modern" and contemporary but they are not the exact same thing. Contemporary is more flowing and rules can be broken. Modern follows stricter guidelines.

View Contemporary Style Ideas & Pictures.

Decor elements to Look for:

  • Sharp corners and straight lines
  • Spherical shapes and wide curves
  • Walls that are empty
  • Looks like you could fall asleep
  • Bold or solid colors with high contrast
  • Monochromatic like themes
  • Solid surfaces and metals

Country Style or Farmhouse Decorating

Country style is a wide-ranging style that is represented by muted colors, vintage fabrics, distressed wood, milk paint finishes and primitive furniture. Thrift stores, flea markets and Grandma's attic are great places to search for items of this style. Lots of handmade items and fabrics work great!

View Country Style or Farmhouse Style Ideas & Pictures.

Decor elements to Look for:

  • Distressed wood
  • Antique friendly
  • Exposed raw wood beams
  • Natural tones and soft colors
  • Small plaids and prints

Eclectic Style

Eclectic style envelops an assortment of styles and periods and is melded together through the use of textures, shape, color and finish. Eclectic style decorating started via the fine arts and architecture movement when pioneers like Frank Lloyd Wright prided themselves on the fact that they didn’t stick to any particular style, then set about doing their own thing mixing styles together.

View Eclectic Style Ideas & Pictures.

Decor elements to Look for:

  • Vintage decor
  • Poppy colors
  • Mixture of pieces from different styles
  • Off track contemporary items
  • Mixed motifs
  • Lots of accessories

Modern Style

If you like sleek, uncluttered streamlined open spaces then Modern style decorating might be for you. Modern style started in the Bauhaus school with focus on lack of ornamentation and angular lines. Scandinavian style is similar because of the stressed minimalism, mass production and functional, simple forms.

View Modern Style Ideas & Pictures.

Decor elements to Look for:

  • Simple shapes
  • Lacquered and natural finishes
  • User-friendly shapes
  • Useable functionality
  • Cement floors, stabbed stone or metal
  • Lots of Glass and metal
  • Rich textures and Ultra-suede
  • Exposed staircases, framework and beams
  • Wide open free spaces
  • Small amount of barriers between outdoors and in

Rustic Style

Rustic homes are mostly welcomed in rustic surroundings. You will usually find them on the edge of a mountain, national park or someone nestled among the aspens in a forest. Not everyone that wants a rustic style needs to live in the forest though. You can bring the forest to you. Pick weathered beam ceilings, paneled walls and wide-plank wood floors. These features go well with producing a rustic like shell type of architecture. Don't paid the wood though, leave it in its natural raw wood state. Mix different textures together too such as birch bark, knotty pine and quarter-sawn oak to create a living-tree-like feel in your home.

View Rustic Style Ideas & Pictures.

Decor elements to Look for:

  • Raw stones and materials
  • Wood with rasped edges, wormholes and high contrast knots
  • Distressed leather or metal
  • Animal wool and hides
  • Distinguished fireplaces
  • Comfortable seating

Shabby-Chic Style

Shabby chic started being used in the late 1980's buy a fashion designer named Rachel Ashwell. Shabby chic encompasses decor you would find in a nicely decorated cabin or maybe even your grandpa's house. These themes center around use of white and shades. Also encompassing wonderful pastel blues, creamy peach and soft dreamy floral-patterns. This style uses vintage items like old furniture, wrought iron curtain rods, fresh cut flowers and luxurious pillows. This style is not very defined and can be a mixture of worn and old, shiny accessories, soft furniture with plenty of pillows.

View Shabby-Chic Style Ideas & Pictures.

Decor elements to Look for:

  • Vintage and colorful items
  • Worn furniture
  • Plain white walls
  • Tons of light decor

Traditional Style

Traditional style comes from England in the 18th century, the exotic lands of the east and the French countryside. The most popular traditional styles are the British Colonial revival, 19th century neoclassical, 18th century English and French country. Colors are usually green and peach tones with tan for a slightly floral pallet. Gilt Frames, still-life oil paintings and emphasis on pairs give a room a strong traditional feeling.

View Traditional Style Ideas & Pictures.

Decor elements to Look for:

  • Strong colors
  • Luxurious fabrics
  • Spiral lines
  • Complex details
  • Somber woods
  • Tapered off legs
  • Shiny accent materials
  • Decorative trims and crown molding

Transitional Style

This style is a coupling of contemporary and traditional style furniture, materials, finishing's and fabrics that put together a classic design. Lines of furniture are usually simple and sophisticated, featuring round profiles or straight lines. Diverse patters in fabrics and overstuffed sofas and loveseats and sleek wood frames textures with chenilles. Usually has a lack of color with dark brown adding depth to the neutral space. Minimal accessories and fabric that makes the room interesting with various textures.

View Transitional Style Ideas & Pictures.

Decor elements to Look for:

  •  Simplified lines
  • Monochrome colors
  • Calming palettes
  • Gentle shapes

Tuscan Style

Tuscan styles feature a sun baked, rustic look characterized by simple/sturdy furnishings, stone patios with elegant iron accents, ceramic tiles, walls with texture, elegant murals and trompe l'oeil decor. Colors rely on earthy tones and hues similar to a Tuscan hillside. Stucco plaster walls coupled with rustic beamed ceilings really bring this Tuscan style together.

View Tuscan Style Ideas & Pictures.

Decor elements to Look for:

  •  Plaster of Paris walls
  • Ceramic clay terra cotta tiles
  • Scrolling ironwork
  • Bright and patterned accessories
  • Exposed wood beams
  • Soft chenilles fabric

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