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Custom drywall and high-end interior design services by Kendallwood - a truly unique redesign for any home. Kendallwood is not just here to install a new set of kitchen cabinets - they offer services that will transform your home, including changing walls, moving ceilings higher, and creating space that works for your unique needs. Kendallwood offers custom residential remodeling; individualized home theaters, entertainment centers and wall units; office remodeling; bathroom and kitchen redesign; and custom remodeling projects for clients throughout the Phoenix Valley and surrounding cities, including Scottsdale, Mesa, Paradise Valley, and Gilbert. Kendallwood - where imagination meets functionality in home interior redesign.

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Custom drywall project 1: new wall unit, built-in shelves, lighting design, fireplace, television nook Custom drywall project 2 (before): remodel needs to bring out the southwest themes in decor and art (during): sante fe styled handworked shelving extends to spaces above the doorway & facing wall (after): notice the rustic wood beam, paneling inside & accenting the shelves, mood-enhancing lighting

Custom drywall project 3: modern home theater, glass shelving, drywall defines the architecture Custom drywall project 4 (before): this furniture wall unit is too small to display art to its best advantage (after): custom drywall redefines the space, art
is displayed with light, balance and proportion
(after - new POV): drywall and glass create depth and dimension, while the lighting design opens it up

Custom Drywall Phoenix Arizona | Custom Drywall Arizona
Custom drywall project 5: drywall arches lend an air of classical elegance and draw the eye upwards Custom drywall project 6: this corner unit adds function & new interest
to a forgotten space
Custom drywall project 7 (before): using drywall to expand the usable space with traditional styling (after): adding a stone facade fireplace anchors the room, and injects a natural southwest feel

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